Gourmet Meats

/Ushqim Prej Evrope/Evropska Hrana!

We offer a variety of gourmet meats,

dairy products and breads,such as: smoked veal,beef ,

Bosnian and Albanian sausage chicken bologna,Cevapi meat.

Bulgarian smoked feta cheese ,Greek,German and Danish goat

and cow cheeses ,butters, ,creams,filo dough,breads such as Banas Bakery Authentic Polish Rye Bread and all fresh Specialty Cakes


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  Europejska Zywnosc  Deutsche Lebensmittel



Our shop is located at 127 Mountain view Blvd Wayne,NJ 07470

We offer a variety of imported delicious foods from well known

European companies,such as Kras,Jadranka,Podravka,Franck

Vava,Doora,Sejega,Krakus and many others .

We offer a variety of gourmet meats,smoked sausages salami,

Dairy items,specialty mixed pickled vegetables,several types of

Ajvar,Pinjur,Vegeta,5 Rose flour,chocolates and sweets,snacks,

Coffee and tea,non-alcoholic beverages .

Polish rye Bread ,Pierogia.and many more.

Our specialty foods are in demand and sell fast so we keep our 

Products fresh.


European Food