You have come to the right place for your favorite European chocolates.
sweets and cookies,We have many types of delicious white or dark 
chocolates,sweets and cookies from
Switzerland,Poland, Bosnia, Croatia,
Germany Kosova, Albania, Macedonia ,Serbia,Romania,Turkey and many more




Sweets and Candy 

Expanded Shipping
Gift Baskets
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We have several types of coffee,such as:Minas,Aroma,Doncafe

Princcafe,Mehmet Efendi,Franck,Najjar and many more.

Mountain tea,Uvin H,Chamomile,Linden,Rosehip,Natural Green tea oll Natural

Choose from a variety of beautifully wrapped seasonal baskets.

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We now ship throughout the U.S., Canada, . Includes 2- and 3-day delivery.

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